5983 mobs indexed via radar "Tedious data entry was never so easy."
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Mythic's con system On this map however, the zone's average mob level is
used as a basis (colored yellow). Then, a 1-level quanta is applied to the
other mobs in the zone.

All information collected using radar programs.
Vector maps courtesy MastaMappa.

NameMin levelAvg levelMax Level
Albion warder454545
Arawnite shamaness363637
Arawnite warrior343435
Bowman Commander9596103
Captain Leri505050
Captain Rhodri505050
Cynwik the Wizard505050
elite guard656565
faint grim202021
Haegan McLeary454545
Keep Sentinel909197
Lieutenant Brude494949
Lieutenant Cian494949
Lieutenant Niane494949
Man at Arms909095
Master Wizard9597105
Sir Brugyn505050
Sir Defi505050
Sir Gwyn505050
small rock bounder222224
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