I can’t say enough good things about OctoPrint. I can control either of my printers from any computer in my house, starting prints, aborting prints, uploading gcode or slicing, visualizing and the logo is quite endearing as well. With the addition of plugins, the web UI took a leap forward when BillyBlaze wrote TouchUI which adds a simpler finger-friendly interface that works well on tablets and phones. Being able to abort a print and restart it from an old Nexus 7 2012 tablet without having to fire up a computer really saved me a lot of trips back and forth. The Nexus tablet does an OK job, but it always chugs for a while when first woken up– something that doesn’t help when you’re quickly trying to stop a print that is in catastrophic failure mode. Recently a 7″ LCD panel came into my possession for use doing development to replace an old 24″ display that was taking far too much space on my desk just to be a temporary head of an embedded Linux system and I hooked it up to a Raspberry Pi to try it out running the TouchUI locally against OctoPrint.