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Waldo: The DAoC Chat.log Parser

Getting started: Step 1, you're either going to need another computer networked to your DAoC machine in order to be able to view Waldo and play DAoC, or use a windowing utility like DAOx. Do not try to Alt-Tab between them if you're not runing a windowing utility. Just fill the edit box with the path to your chat.log file and click one of the big buttons below it. Follow the directions on the screen, it's not rocket science!

Oh yeah. Most important part is to turn on logging while in DAoC. By default this is by pressing 'L'. You should see a message in your main window that says "Chat Logging Enabled to file: CHAT.LOG"

Mythic has disabled directly writing to the chat log file back in 1.55, so this means that Waldo only updates every once in a while. If you'd like to still parse in real-time, check out the Excalibar project on Sourceforge where they have CamelotChatRT for writing a real-time chat log file. Note: this program is considered an exploit which is bannable, so use at your own risk.

changelog.txt (6.4k) - What's changed in what version. (780.2k) - Zip file of base install. Extract with "Use folder names" ON
Source code to the chat parsing engine is available under the GPL from the Excalibar project. CVS: win32/Common/ChatParse/

Main Log File Screen - point and go!
Combat Statistics Screen - note the graph displaying how XP drops as you camp the same area. The blank-looking spots are me swiching to my owbie character.
Crafting information - Gives you a quality distribution graph as well as letting you know how long it has been since you made a 99% or 100%
Mobsearch - Search for the location and level of a mob. This is a preview of the technology that may be used in a future version of Waldo.