5983 mobs indexed via radar "Tedious data entry was never so easy."
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Stonehenge Barrows

Mythic's con system On this map however, the zone's average mob level is
used as a basis (colored yellow). Then, a 1-level quanta is applied to the
other mobs in the zone.

All information collected using radar programs.
Vector maps courtesy MastaMappa.

NameMin levelAvg levelMax Level
cave hound383941
dark fire424446
decayed barbarian404041
deep goblin424345
deep goblin blighter434343
diseased rat383838
echo of life424242
fallen warrior414245
glowing goo363840
grave goblin404244
grave goblin shaman383838
greater ice spirit373737
pendragon ardent484848
redbone skeleton393939
repentant follower373738
scaled fiend424245
Shade of Ambrosius Aurelianus545454
soul harvester414141
spectral essence464851
spectral wizard474852
spiritual advisor484848
stone sentinel505050
tomb keeper414143
vigilant soul464648
All material Copyright 2002 Bryan Mayland, except where otherwise noted.