5983 mobs indexed via radar "Tedious data entry was never so easy."
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Tomb of Mithra

Mythic's con system On this map however, the zone's average mob level is
used as a basis (colored yellow). Then, a 1-level quanta is applied to the
other mobs in the zone.

All information collected using radar programs.
Vector maps courtesy MastaMappa.

NameMin levelAvg levelMax Level
botched sacrifice111112
chilled presence111111
cursed believer131314
decaying spirit889
devout follower999
doomed minion121213
dreadful cadaver889
earth beast121212
eternal scream141415
Favonius Facilis161616
forgotten promise999
haunting gloom889
insidious whisper141414
lingering shade111112
living entombed111112
malevolent disciple131314
menacing presence888
putrid sacrificer999
rotting tombraider9910
sacrificed slave101010
spiteful wraith101011
suffering apparition121212
tortured soul999
undead builder999
undead guardsman999
undead poacher9910
unfortunate pragmatic999
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