AlcheMoney: Skyrim Alchemy Potion Calculator

AlcheMoney is a basic application for calculating the cost of potions you can create in Skyrim given a set of ingredients. The values calculated are for a 100 Alchemy skill player with no perks. They can be modified by editing the effects.csv file, however one effect is hard-coded into the application, which is that when a potion of Fortify Carry Weight is created using a Giant's Toe, the value is increased. This is to mimic the effect in game, and I am too lazy to make a system for editing the effect when it appears this is the only potion that does it. - requires .NET 4.0 Client Profile

Full source is included and license is granted to do whatever you want with it as I have no intention of working on it much further. The algorithm computes all possible potion combinations the first time you select an ingredient by combining everything with everything and checking if adding an ingredient increses the common effect count.