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Links to other gnutella sites

\n"; linkHeader("gnutella.wego.com", "http://gnutella.wego.com/"); echo "This site quickly became the premiere gnutella site, and as far as I". "concerned is the semi-official home of gnutella."; linkFooter(); linkHeader("gnutellanews.com", "http://www.gnutellanews.com/"); echo "I like this site because they actively post news."; linkFooter(); linkHeader("gnutelliums.com", "http://www.gnutelliums.com/"); echo "All the latest cloneclients. From Win32 to Web."; linkFooter(); linkHeader("Distributed Search Services", "http://dss.clip2.com/"); echo "Neat host-catcher. Also has some cool gnutellanet maps and ". "links to other resources."; linkFooter(); linkHeader("AsiaYeah gnutella search", "http://www.asiayeah.com/service/searchFile.jsp"); echo "Brainchild of Tony Cheung, this really cool search page ". "is based on java server pages hitting a C backend running totally on Linux."; linkFooter(); linkHeader("Yuppers Pub", "http://www.yuppers.org/"); echo "Yuppers is a place for software developers to hang out and discuss ". "issues about this technology. Users are invited to post suggestions ". "and feature requests."; linkFooter(); echo "
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