Screenshot of the test NIF viewer. July 2004
More terrain engine updates:
  • CLOD fan renderer
  • Skybox modified again
  • Basic NIF Fixture rendering
  • Improved zone texture loading time
In Crauchan Gorge looking from the Strength Relic keep towards Dun Ailinne. Aug 18, 2003
More terrain engine updates:
  • MIPMap detail textures which are culled at long distances
  • Basic fog
  • Water now rendered
  • Pre-generated light normals for speed
Flying high above the Shannon Estuary in Hibernia. Much less dreary there, don't you think? Feb 10, 2003
Attempt number 2, terrain engine. New things include:
  • A basic skybox
  • Accurate heightmaps
  • Coordinate system consistent with DAoC /loc
  • Per-vertex light normals
  • Detail textures
  • Ground collision detection and avoidance
Again on the road near Naliten looking towards Ft Atla. Feb 5, 2003
First attempt at texture-mapped terrain generation. Looking from near Naliten towards Ft Atla. Feb 2, 2003